About the farm

Since we first learnt about permaculture on a dusty day in Katmandu, we always wanted to produce organic vegetables. We made a little detour with the ferme d'ORée, but we finally rose to the challenge in 2019.

And the rest is history

After two years of growing veggies, we only like it more. 2021 is promising to be a pivotal year for the ferme Côté Jardin: we will buy the land we are farming on, we are installing 2 extra greenhouses and we are converting the whole farm heating system to biomass.

Biomass is simply the most ecological and climate friendly choice when three-phase hydro-électricity is not available. We will produce vegetable baskets for 400 families and for several other farms.


We are always looking for partners to help us distribute our baskets. We have a very interesting program for small businesses.
If you have a farm, but you do not want to produce everything anymore, we can help you as well. Do not wait until the start of the season to contact us!



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La Ferme Côté Jardin
Gert Janssens & Guillaume Lapointe
273 chemin Beaver Ridge, Newport
QC, J0B 1M0
819 875-1606

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