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In 2019, we will produce precertified vegetables for 200 families in three greenhouses and on five acres of fields. We produce more than 40 different vegetables and more than a 100 cultivars.

We are not a bio-intensive farm, we start from the principle that investments in equipment are a lever to offer better prices to our clients, and better conditions and remunerations for our workers and owners.


The dream to produce vegetables that Gert nourishes since 2001, will finally become reality in 2019!

We have proven ourselves in farming. The ferme Côté Jardin is the vegetable project of Miel d’Orée. Miel d’Orée sells honey from around a hundred hives since 2014.

Gert is also the co-owner of the Ferme d’Orée (côté cour!), that supplies sustainable meat to more than 500 families and some specialized butchers and restaurants since 2011.

The Ferme d’Orée is one of the best performing farms in Quebec.

La Ferme Côté Jardin

Gert Janssens
273 chemin Beaver Ridge, Newport
QC, J0B 1M0
819 875-1606

Last updated 2019-02-09

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