Why do you need to subscribe?

At the ferme Côté Jardin, you can subscribe to a classic basket

Your commitment

We strongly recommend that you subscribe for the whole season.

Your commitment helps us plan the amount of vegetables that we have to grow.

Hence, we reduce waste.

Products (eggs and meat) from the la ferme d’ORée, as well as honey, can be ordered at the same time.

You need to pick up your order at the time indicated.

That way we reduce transport and pollution.

Our commitment

Thanks to your commitment, we can offer a wide selection of fresh, local and precertified vegetables at a reasonable price.

All our vegetables comme form our farm (or sometimes from other bio-local farms).

We use tunnels and greenhouses so that we have the most popular vegetables from the start of the season: tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, mesclun, carrot, beets, (green) onions and bell peppers.

For the other vegetables, we follow the rhythm of the saison!

The sizes - choose below to subscribe


About 5-7 vegetables/week


About 8-10 vegetables/week
* add $100 ($5/week) for home delivery

La Ferme Côté Jardin

Gert Janssens
273 chemin Beaver Ridge, Newport
QC, J0B 1M0
819 875-1606

Last updated 2019-02-09

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