Why do you need to subscribe?

At the ferme Côté Jardin, you can subscribe to basket of fresh, certified organic, locally produced vegetables. Its contents are a surprise and depend on the season and the weather. It is like opening a present every week!

Your commitment

While we offer surplus baskets, we strongly recommend that you subscribe for the whole season. Your commitment helps us plan the amount of vegetables that we have to grow. Hence, we reduce waste.

The greatest advantage of baskets is that they help you to eat healthier and to be more creative in the kitchen. We notice that pour clients eat more vegetables and start centering their meals around the vegetables in their baskets.

Our commitment

Thanks to your commitment, we can offer you fresh, local and certified organic vegetables for the price of conventional vegetables.

All our vegetables comme form our farm (or sometimes from other bio-local farms). That way we reduce transport and pollution.

We use tunnels and greenhouses so that we have the most popular vegetables from the start of the season: tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, mesclun, carrot, green onions, etc.

For the other vegetables, we follow the rhythm of the saison!

We also produce some lesser know vegetables for you to try!


If you cannot pick up you basket...do not worry.

Delivery frequencies

The season runs for 20 weeks from around the first of July to the around tenth of November. We deliver 10 double baskets, so every other week, in Greater Montréal area locations. We deliver 20 single baskets, so every week, for the other locations

The sizes - order here!!!


About 7-9 vegetables/week
The SMALL basket is ideal for singles, couples, or for those who just want to try this.


About 10-12 vegetables/week
The LARGE basket is ideal for couples or a small family.
Add $100 ($5/week) for home delivery in Sherbrooke.
Add a 20$ reimbursable deposit for a Flapnest delivery box.
Price is per week for a 20-week subscription.


You can pay in one or two installments. We expect the first half by the first of June and the second half by the first of August. You do not pay on the site, but we take cheques or interac transfers.

Honey, eggs and meat

Order honey, eggs and meat every week from the the website of the Ferme d'ORée. Deliveries are at the same time!

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