Why do you need to subscribe?

At the ferme Côté Jardin, you can subscribe to a classic basket or a custom basket. With the customer basket, you choose all you vegetables on our website.

You do not like parsnip? Choose something else! You leave on vacation? We will see you when you get back! You want to come to another delivery point? No problem! You are not at home a lot this week? Order less!

Your commitment

We strongly recommend that you subscribe for the whole season.

You can pay in up to three installments.

Your commitment helps us plan the amount of vegetables that we have to grow.

Hence, we reduce waste.

For the custom basket, you chose your vegetables on our website before every delivery. If you do not order, we do not plan a delivery for you.
However, for the deliveries in the form of mini-markets (Sherbrooke and Mercier, you can chose on the spot.

You have to order at least two days before the delivery to give us time to harvest. We send a newsletter every week when we know what will be available.

For the classic basket, we choose for you. You receive an extra vegetable, but you cannot forget to pick up your basket!

You have to tell us at least two days in advance if you are not there.

Products (eggs and meat) from the la ferme d’ORée, as well as honey, can be ordered at the same time.

You need to pick up your order at the time indicated.

That way we reduce transport and pollution.

Our commitment

Thanks to your commitment, we can offer a wide selection of fresh, local and precertified vegetables at a reasonable price.

All our vegetables comme form our farm (or sometimes from other bio-local farms).

We use tunnels and greenhouses so that we have the most popular vegetables from the start of the season: tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, mesclun, carrot, beets, (green) onions and bell peppers.

For the other vegetables, we follow the rhythm of the saison!

Check first if your delivery point is served every week or every two weeks and whether it is a delivery point or a mini-market. (check deliveries and markets). For classic baskets, delivery every two weeks implies that a double basket will be delivered. You have to keep this in mind for your custom basket orders too!

The sizes - choose below to subscribe


About 5-7 vegetables/week


About 8-10 vegetables/week


About 10-12 vegetables/week
The price depends on the number of weeks of vacation you plan to take and includes the contribution for Équiterre ($20.70 tax included).

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