Mini-markets and punctual deliveries

Our delivery points on thursdays in HOMA-Mercier are organized as 2h long mini-markets. if you have a custom basket, you choose what you want at the market, otherwise just pick up your classic basket.

We offer vegetables in season and honey and eggs. No need to reserve those items on the website.

It is possible to order meat from the Ferme d'ORée for delivery on the market. However, the meats need to be picked up at the start of the market. Meat that does not get picked-up needs to be paid!

Our mini-markets are indicated by

Our deliveries in Sherbrooke (Comptoir familial) are on Mondays between 16.00h and 17.00h. All other deliveries are punctual and we only bring what has been ordered: classic baskets for people not on vacation and custom baskets for people that have placed an online order for that delivery, and of course eggs, honey and meat ordered on the website of the Ferme Côté Jardin or the website of the Ferme d'ORée.

Les points de livraison sont indiqués avec


La Ferme Côté Jardin

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