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Season of 20 weeks (June, 23rd to November, 1st)

The DUO basket is ideal for a couple or a small family.

Count on about 8 to 10 vegetables per week.

According to the food guide, one should eat about 1/2 lb of leafy vegetable and 1 lb of fruits or fruity vegetables per day.

This price includes the annual contribution to Equiterre. (18$ + tax).

We deliver weekly in Sherbrooke, but only biweekly in most other locations.

For the custom basket, you choose your vegetables online before each delivery. If you do not order, we do not prepare a basket for you.

You need to order two days before the delivery. We send a newsletter every week with the available harvest.

Make sure to use up all your credit in one season, because it cannot be transferred. If you exceed your credit, we send you a bill at the end of the season.
Your credit can only be used for vegetables, not for eggs, honey or meat.

For the classic basket, we choose for you. You receive an extra vegetable, but do not forget to come to the delivery point and let us know if you are on vacation at least two days in advance.

La Ferme Côté Jardin

Gert Janssens
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