Pastured pork


Our purebred Tamworth pork tastes amazing. The Tamworth pork is an ancient English bacon breed that is now nearly extinct.

We raise them on pasture and in the forest when the weather allows, where they are allowed to express their natural behaviour- they can root, eat forage and play around all they want. We do not use hormones or antibiotics and they are as happy as a pig can be. We get something in return too. Our garden has been tilled by pigs and they clean up the forest.

We respect the environment and our community. In the winter, our pigs are kept on deep bedding and we compost their manure to prevent it from smelling and making them sick. We sell locally and cut down on transport emissions.

For those who can stomach it, you find the differences between pastured pork and conventional fare here.

Without direct sales, we would not be able to not continue producing our superior and sustainable pork. Direct sales and more natural production methods allow us to continue to sell our pork at reasonable prices. 

You are what you eat. By buying our healthy and tasty pork, you support local, environmental, social and family friendly agriculture.

And we thank you for that,

Gert, Sarah, Rosalie and Camille